• Part of the initial campaign process and brainstorming

  • Travelled with guerrilla marketing road tour

  • Mentored and engaged with hundreds of Idaho teens

  • Wrote and maintained campaign Twitter page

Buck The QUO

Deciding what to do after high school can be one of the most impactful decisions of your life. Buck The Quo was a multi-year campaign designed to engage with Idaho's youth, listen to their struggles, and help them create a living doing what they love.

The campaign was originally built around a microsite targeted towards teenagers to promote a traveling booth where teens could have deep conversations and engage with Idahoans just older than themselves. Speaking with thousands of individuals across Idaho, our team empowered and supported teens of every background.

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  • Travelled with photographers. Built itineraries, arranged hotels, stays, adventures, and shoots.

  • Built long-term content creation process with software solutions

  • Provided photography direction and feedback

  • Planned and orchestrated dynamic paid search campaigns

  • Copywriting for paid search and social media ads

  • Wrote adventure cards and activities


As the most diverse and integrated campaign Drake Cooper has worked on in recent years, Idaho Travel Council was determined to make Idaho an outdoor destination. Idaho was often polled as a flyover state, unknown for its adventure and pioneering spirit. Through years of campaign planning and nationally-awarded work, Visit Idaho became one of the most successful tourism departments in the united states.

Agency work included numerous websites, travel magazines, digital marketing efforts, photography, videography, creative, and more.

As part of the early content team, my involvement was strongly oriented around creating a sustainable, enormous content campaign to further ITC's mission of changing the way consumers view Idaho.




  • Wrote copy and gave feedback for social media campaigns

  • Researched and supported business growth through new hotel management software

  • Copywriting paid search campaigns

  • Editing and proofing website and landing pages


Boise's premier and most well-known boutique hotel has been rapidly growing to be one of the best local hotspots. As part of a digital makeover, Drake Cooper was involved in rebuilding their website to give a more modern and sophisticated feel. A integral part of this was recreating the language and creating guidelines for all of their social and content needs.



  • Revised and rebuilt Twitter strategy

  • Integrated social listening software for improved and timely performance

  • Copywriting Twitter posts and campaigns


A sister project to Buck The Quo and other education initiatives, Love2Learn was focused a web app designed for parents. This platform aggregated the world's leading apps, websites, and learning pages for parents to shuffle through to inspire their kids to learn. The extent of my involvement was in building social media campaigns to reach families and be a well-known education resource for Idaho parents.

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  • Copywriter for all paid search advertising

  • Helped build a powerful, localized search strategy


Idaho's largest bank, Idaho Central Credit Union, partnered with Drake Cooper for a fresh take on a relatively stale industry. ICCU was famous statewide for their phenomenal customer service and community involvement. We wanted to express their values in a fun and creative way, different than the traditional and boring lingo of large banks.

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